Your HIPAA Clearinghouse

Submit Claims

You can contact us at to get started if you wish to send electronic claims directly to eEDI for any payers we represent. The online application takes only a few moments, after which eEDI will provide a User Id for your practice that allows you to access the eEDI ftp site or eEDI Web Portal using your chosen password. If you need assistance during the enrollment process, eEDI specialists are available by calling (856) 975-0653.

We accept claims in the following formats:

  • ANSI 837P 5010
  • ANSI 837I 5010
  • ANSI 837D 5010
  • NSF Professional Ver 3 or NSF-Extended
  • NSF Institutional Ver 5 or 6
  • Print Image
  • Many Proprietary Formats

Please insure that all documents are encrypted using PGP encryption. You can find our public key in our download section. Please include the payer ID within the EDI documents that corresponds to the subscribers ID card. See our download section for all specifications and a list of document sets we will accept.

Claims must include the payer and group policy name for processing.

If you are a provider that plans on using another clearinghouse to send electronic claims on your behalf, you will need to have them contact eEDI directly in order to set up an interconnect.